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Tenant Services

Thornton Tenant Services

Lease Preparation

The keystone of the landlord/tenant relationship that brings it all together is the lease agreement. Through our years of experience managing rental homes in the Denver metro area, we have created a very comprehensive lease agreement that covers almost every possible situation that can arise in a landlord/tenant relationship and our lease is written to protect you, the landlord.

Delinquency Processing

We take pride in rarely having late rental payments for our managed homes in North Denver. We aggressively pursue delinquent tenants to ensure rent is paid in a timely manner. Tenants are penalized for late payments, and served legal notices in accordance with Colorado law to ensure compliance.

With Home Realty & Management collecting your rent payments each month, you no don’t have to be the one to confront late tenants. We are experienced at collecting rent and do so with a no-nonsense method. You can expect us to:

  • Aggressively pursue and penalize late paying tenants to ensure your rent payment receives the urgency it deserves
  • Serve tenants with an official Demand for Compliance notice to pay as required by Colorado Statutes

Tenants are expected to pay their rent on time…it’s that simple!


Ideally when a tenant moves out, a move-out inspection is performed and everything in the home looks great, and the tenant receives a full refund of their security deposit. But what happens when the tenant owes rent, fees, and the costs to repair damages exceeds the security deposit? Most Landlords just get frustrated and end up writing it off as one of the pains of dealing with tenants, never to see a dime. Not when your North Denver metro area rental home is managed by Home Realty & Management!

When you use us, we submit your tenant’s unpaid balance to a collections agency, thereby having the debt follow the tenant and increase the likelihood of payment in the future. The collections agency will report the unpaid balance on the tenant’s credit report, which makes it difficult for a tenant to buy a car, purchase a home, and especially, rent another house without paying you first. Why should they get out scot-free and stick you with the bill? We help you level the playing field by providing you with a collection resource that independent landlords don’t have easy access to.

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